A new mountain to climb but we will get there!

So, Sunday night anxiety kicked in when I knew I had to greet my new class of year 3’s the next morning. Did I still know how to teach? What if the children don’t like our first topic? What about … Continue reading

Growth Mindset in the Classroom – My first INSET training!

On Thursday I stood up in front of our whole teaching staff (teachers and teaching assistants) to deliver my first INSET training presentation! The talk focused on “Developing Growth Mindset with your new class“. As a school we have been working … Continue reading

My September Classroom – As ready as you can be!

This is how I left my classroom in July. I am lucky enough to have the same room again this year – however, I have been conscious not to make it all the same as the previous year…not everything works … Continue reading

Checklist of Minimum Standards For Blogs

Very useful!

The Echo Chamber

I’ve written advice for bloggers on my own blog:

But here I thought I’d write something that is not so much advice for good blogging, but what I think are actually essential for having a blog that does not annoy me. Much of this is from the perspective of trying to follow blogs using a newsreader, share them in lists, and read vast numbers of them in one sitting. Obviously, others may have very different priorities, but I would recommend following these suggestions if you want to encourage others to read and share your blog.

1) Include a working RSS Feed

An RSS feed is what makes a blog a blog (rather than a website with a diary on it). Do not panic if you are unfamiliar with this, it is fitted as standard on most blogging sites, so you will have…

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REVIEW: This Much I Know About Love Over Fear by John Tomsett

This honest book written by John Tomsett really sucked me in. I love the way each chapter starts with a story from his career followed by research, reading and suggested strategies/ideas to follow. It didn’t take long to read and … Continue reading

REVIEW: Of Teaching, Learning and Sherbet Lemons by Nina Jackson

Another book packed full of questions, strategies and advice to ‘put your fizz back into teaching’. The book is set out as chapters of questions posted by teachers (NQTs, primary, secondary, further, leadership). Nina then answers the questions with her … Continue reading

REVIEW: Teacher Geek – Because life’s too short for worksheets

Book review number two! This is the second book I have read this summer by Rachel Jones. It has similarities to her other book “Don’t Change the Light Bulbs” but still worth the read! The book is a collection of suggestions … Continue reading